Conqueriing Fantasy Football

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Drafting & Trading to Victory

M-Values are more useful than ADP when drafting or trading, and can easily be created with a spreadsheet or calculator. The M-Value approach objectively changes to any scoring or roster lineup for any league, and will revolutionize the way you look at players when drafting and trading. Trading is underutilized by most fantasy owners. This book gives a fresh approach to creating trades that benefit both you and your partner's team. A lot of analysis is given on the benefits to each team resulting from a trade, and how to get the best of the trade, while still encouraging other fantasy owners to keep trading with you. If a fantasy owner can accurately evaluate players, draft players according to those evaluations, and make frequent beneficial trades, that owner is a favorite to win his league. This book teaches these principles by example, including easy-to-follow math. This book is not intended for a fantasy owner that has never played before. Rather, it is geared towards an owner that