Phil Steel 2022 College Football Preview.
Phil Steel 2022 College Football Preview.

Phil Steel 2022 College Football Preview.

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We have teamed up with Northcoast Sports a.k.a Phil Steel to provide  an accurate and updated College Football Preview Magaizine. 

Information changes all the time, It's NO different with College Football. Players get hurt or transfer schools and coaches can leave or get fired before the season starts. 

Phil Stell will be updating new information to the digital version when the information is verified. 

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The book experts cannot do without! With over 350 Full Color Pages. Stats, Trends, Angles, Returning Starters, Phil's Forecast, and much much more. Focuses on over 120 of the top college teams, offering schedules, room to keep records, betting angles and shows five years of results and spreads. Includes projected offensive and defensive starting lineups and a valuable checklist to refer to when a key player is injured or unable to play for some reason. Shows the type of playing surface the team will be on at home or away, number of returning starters or lettermen, how the team was ranked in 2018 and key box score statistics from each game played. Covers the major conferences including Mountain West, MAC, Conference USA, and Sun Belt. Predicts and rates the potential All-Americans and top players at every position, examines the toughest conferences, most improved teams, predicts the 'surprise' teams, projects the top 40 teams, analyzes the Independents and even offers a look at the top freshmen. Magazine format 352 pages. National Cover. 


We will not be selling the printable version 

  • Experts Analysis
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  • Phil's Forecast
  • Betting trends
  • Covers 120 Top Colleges.
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